Health & HAPPINESS - a 6-Week course

The impact that Health and Happiness bring to your quality of life is rich beyond words!  In this hectic, modern day life, developing health can seem a far off goal and happiness out of the questions.  Yet knowing how important they are leaves us wanting.  In this simple, 6-week online course, you will restore the body and set the foundation for great health and fitness, and uplift the spirit, the positive experience and even the brain chemistry.  The The results are immediate and the effects, long-lasting.


PRIVATE retreats

Harmanjot currently holds retreats for select clients and groups.  Please inquire further if you are interested in hosting a private or corporate retreat led by Harmanjot.



Be guided in the deep and effective practice of Kundalini yoga. Balance your glands, strengthen your nervous system, clear your mind and connect to who you truly are. Gain beauty, power, energy, health and clarity.