HARMANJOT guides women, men, college students, children, babies and every body in between to healing, personal discovery and a new thrust on life through the power and majesty of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.  

Her clients include Golden Globe nominated actresses, ArtForum artists, conscious fashion makers and individuals looking for more of themselves. As a yoga teacher and practitioner, Harmanjot has appeared in various media outlets including The Local Rose, C Magazine, Yoga Journal and Yoga Today. She is a founding teacher at the RA MA Institute, Los Angeles, where she also holds weekly classes when not traveling to speak, host workshops, retreats or film.

Harmanjot’s teaching style is soft, subtle, personal and practical.  She is a deep listener, gently guiding her students wherever they are in their practice and spiritual journey, yet not above tough teaching when required. Harmanjot enjoys exploring spaces immaterial and sensory.  However, she is truly satisfied when using the metaphysical aspects of Kundalini yoga to deliver real-world results. Harmanjot's teaching includes powerful work-outs and slow yoga sets, deep meditations and quick fixes, a history of the lineage and the unique parts of the Kundalini Yoga practice.

Born in New York City and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, Harmanjot’s dreams as a child were of growing up to be a beautiful freedom fighter.  After self-doubt and anxiety in her 20’s, Harmanjot looked to the only thing that was working in her life.  Kundalini Yoga. She began her teacher training after taking one class and shortly thereafter met her teacher, Guru Jagat with who she maintains a seven year and ongoing apprenticeship with her teacher.

In her time on the planet thus far, Harmanjot has climbed peaks in the Swiss Alps, studied the poetry of saints, road tripped through the Grand Canyon and discovered the vast, crystaline space of the Dharma. She lives in Venice Beach with her husband,  with whom she enjoys a mystical connection.  Above all, Harmanjot lives this life on a mission for freedom, love, compassion and peace on earth.