HARMANJOT discovered Kundalini yoga and met her teacher Guru Jagat in 2008 and then began her study. Since then, Harmanjot has become a lead and founding teacher at the RA MA Institute, Los Angeles with a client list includes Academy Award winners, executives, artists, fashion makers, influencers and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

As a teacher, Harmanjot's style is warm, celestial yet technical.  Her sessions are based in a clean application of the teachings of Kundalini yoga for activated creativity, drive, power, love, prosperity, and success and fulfillment.  Her clients find both meditative expansion and real-life results. 

Born in New York City and raised in Princeton, NJ, Harmanjot holds degrees from New York University and the European Graduate School.  She has appeared in commercials for Nike, and articles for The Local Rose, C Magazine, Yoga Journal and Yoga Today. When not teaching daily at the RA MA INSTITUTE, Venice, your can find Harmanjot on the road to RA MA NYC or RA MA MALLORCA.